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Namaste-ji, and welcome to GLBT Hindus!

This is a community for anyone who is of the Hindu - Sanatana Dharma - faith and is also of any alternative sexuality or lifestyle. Sanatana Dharma is a broad umbrella of ideas and philosophies and all sects, non-sects, cultural Hindus and converts are more than welcome. Same goes for gender and sexuality. From asexual to pansexual all are welcome.

If anyone would like to step up who is bi or multi-lingual as a co-mod, it would be much appreciated! My Hindi is extremely limited, especially where Devanagari is concerned (I've only just begun learning), and I don't want to exclude non-English speakers from this community's services. Until we have someone, I'm afraid we'll need to stick to English only.

This comm is not associated with GALVA, but their site is full of supportive information of Gay Hindus and members of the Third Sex as well as people who would like to learn more about us. This is intended to be a safe place for discussion and support, so please respect the beautiful diversity of our members.

Aum Shanti Shanti Shanti.


1) Moderated membership, solely to keep the trolls and haters out. Any gay-bashing or any other kind of bashing will result in immediate banning. Please, be respectful and use common sense. If you are homophobic this is obviously not the place for you. If your journal, profile, or icons are very ambiguous please expect a mod inquiry before being accepted.

2) This is not a dating community, and not the place for personal ads. We'd love to get to know you, but posts with the sole aim of hooking up are not appropriate.

3) Yes, this comm is about sexuality but that does not make it about sex. It is about relationships, love, family, spirituality and identity. This it not the place for explicit or graphic sexual content in any form, there's other comms for that. These posts will get deleted.

4) Very long posts, or posts with lots of pics are encouraged to use lj-cut. One picture, or one Youtube (or similar) video is fine. But more than that, please use a cut.

5) Have fun! And feel free to be yourself here! Suggestions for how to make this community a better place are quite welcome, and thank you for contributing. :)