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January 2010

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Rama and Hanuman

changeling_kit in glbt_hindus

I'm new to this community and have just recently discovered my love of Krishna amongst other Gods...

Now, hopefully this is a question that won't annoy everyone, but it is something that has been bugging me.
It may be menial, but it is bothersome to me none the less.

O.K., so I have the tendency to dress in a more masculine way, and being a female bi-sexual in a small town in the "bible belt" of america, it has caused me many problems with the "colorful" locals.

And since I have enough problems "offending" people who expect me to look a certain way, I really don't want to offend others that might take offense to something that is a cultural taboo that I was unaware of.

I assumed that this would be the most open minded and unjudgmental community to post this to, so here it is-

Is it considered a cultural no-no for women to wear Dhotis? Because I typically only see men wearing them, and the websites I visited looking to purchase one said that it is considered "the traditional Indian clothing of men".

I would really like to own one to wear when I practice yoga and do mantras, any advise? Or am I just being overly cautious?


I think that often these sorts of things vary from person to person. Some people get offended no matter what you do. I don't see any problem in getting what you like though. Afterall, there are men who wear saris! I say go for it. :)
Ahhh yes, I guess that slipped my mind!

I was watching a show not long ago about gay/bisexual Indian men who dress in saris and do traditional songs/dances that are typically only done by women in the past.

I suppose that my wearing a dhoti isn't going to hurt anybody :)
Exactly! :)