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January 2010

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spiritofnow in glbt_hindus

Introducing myself

Hi everyone.

I've officially left LiveJournal and don't really post on my own journal anymore, but when I saw this community I thought I should join it. I have a very strange perspective, since I was raised as a Sunni Muslim in Pakistan, became a secular agnostic, came out as a lesbian, had a series of spiritual experiences, all of which led me to the integral yoga of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, which has basically changed my life completely. I respect and adore these two teachers utterly.

My interests are, well, just about everything under the sun. The integral philosophy and yoga of Sri Aurobindo has more or less knocked my socks off -- there is so much he is trying to express and I fear that I am at the moment barely scratching the surface of it. I just thought I would drop a link to my current blog: http://www.thestumblingmystic.com/ -- where I've described some of my own journey and how I see gender and sexuality tying into spirituality and particularly into Sri Aurobindo's vision. I also joined this group in the interest of perhaps building some bridges between India and Pakistan -- after all, at the deepest level, our soul is one.

Take care everyone, and God bless.

How again can Hinduism be called a religion when it admits all beliefs, allowing even a kind of high-reaching atheism and agnosticism and permits all possible spiritual experiences, all kinds of religious adventures?
-- Sri Aurobindo


What a unique perspective! I definitely want to look more into the writings of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, they sound like incredible gurus.

at the deepest level, our soul is one.

Truer words... I'm delighted to see so much enthusiasm and beautiful growth and diversity in this new comm already. I knew it needed to be formed, and I'm glad it's drawing such loving souls looking to build bridges and work toward the greater good. <3

Thanks for the warm welcome -- I'll be checking this group from time to time. Take care!