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January 2010

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shivahood in glbt_hindus

Different japa is for different mala , isn't?

Hari OM!
Hello! I have a question, need I some special malas for different Devatas? For example, should I perform japa of Ganesh-mantra at crystal mala
only and japa of Shiva-mantra at rudraksh only? Which rules are about it?


I use rudraksha only, and this only to Shiva with the Mantra Om Namah Shivaya, which was given to me by my Guru.
Yes, but the mantras of Lord Shiva a lot, for example to Bhayrava,
Vamadeva, Goraksha. I live in India and i see that many sadhu wear a
lot of rudraksha-malas on the body. Here the question arises, are they
chant different mantras or it's just a religious attributes? Also I
know the some Guru which are do initiation just formally by giving a
mantra, but almost nothing are teach. They collect crowds of followers
sake getting money from them, like this ->
Hari OM!

I think it has more to do with amplifying the energy/properties of each Devata with certain malas then having to own many different malas in order to honor many Devatas. Using a mala not specific to Lord Shiva, for example, will not make your japa fruitless. But using a rudraksha mala will resonate even more with His energy.

Personally, I love my Panch Bhoot Mala, which includes Sphatika (crystal), Thamarai mani (seeds of the lotus), Tulasi (Root of the herb Tulasi) & Raktha Chandhan (Red sandal wood) both for japa and for wearing. I use it for every mantra.

Nice site for describing the qualities and uses of each mala. Thanks!
My pleasure! ^_^
Thanks a lot! It is very intresting, and your site too.
My pleasure. I love your site too, by the way. It's so important to be wary of false gurus who take advantage of genuine seekers. Well done!
I've been taught that it's important to follow advice of your particular teacher or guruji. My teacher teaches that malas can be used for different mantras to different deities. It's the attitude of bhakti that's important, not the particular mala. Do what your heart says is right.
but malas also have their importance in energy? Are you have explained something about that by your Guru? Would you be so kind and say something in that case?